Monday, April 8, 2013

Judah | 15 - 18 months

Judah finally took off talking in the last month or so, to our excitement. His newest words are "kiki" (kitty), "puh-y" (puppy), and "puh-puhp" (poop poop). Of course. ;P He came roaring out of the bathroom recently where he was keeping Jael company shouting, "PUH-PUHP, MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!" He also frequently says "hot hot", "brrr", "dee'" (deer), "Gamma", "Nenna", "Boppa", "Bamma/Bamman' (Brandon), and "cacka" (cracker). Oh, and "ah-un" (all done) and "ay-en" (amen).

He absolutes loves food and we are working on learning to say no sometimes. Lately we've been dealing with temper tantrums and some hitting, but I am sure he will grow out of it like his sister did as he learns to express himself appropriately. ;) He is very stubborn like his parents and sometimes will refuse to nurse after I tell him he has to ask nicely first and he says "uh-uh". He doesn't always know what "uh-uh" means, except that it has to do with him having his way, so he'll often refuse things he wants on the grounds that it isn't going according to his plans. Silly boy. 

He is also very sweet and loves his baby and kitty. He and Talon are best buds, at least in his mind (see picture). He loves hugs and laying his head on our shoulders when he is tired. We've moved into a good nighttime routine in the last month or two and he finally goes to bed without a fuss, at least the majority of the time. In the very last week (17m3w), he has slept until 5AM a few times and we are hoping he will keep this up as it is a minor miracle in our lives. ;) We'll see. Sleep has never been easy for this little man, at least not since the newborn days. He's still going strong and nursing frequently all day, with no plans to wean anytime soon. I'm hoping we'll be down to an evening/morning nursing session by 2 years, but we'll see.

Daddy has been home the past two weeks between jobs and Judah has decided they are good friends. He asks about Da-Da frequently, especially if Daddy is working up at the shop, and shrieks and yells if he sees him coming down the hill. He also loved tub time with sister and dumping water everywhere, reading stories to himself, anything involving banging and noise, trucks and cars ("vroom", he calls them), and Uncle Brandon.

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