Monday, April 8, 2013

Jael | 3 years, 7 months

Jeff and I have both noticed how much Jael has moved completely out of the toddler stage and into the grown-up-little-girl stage. She uses all kinds of adult expression (perhaps, indeed, possibly) and is very interested in helping Mama plan out our days and week. We've kept up with preschool work, which she continues to thoroughly enjoy, and she is starting to help with chores like emptying the dishwasher and cleaning her room (which she often does of her own initiative).

She has also started singing mostly on tune and I love to hear her happily singing bits and pieces of her favorite songs, which include "my Steve music" (Steve Green), "Esther Esther Esther" (the Heritage Singers for kids), and "my princess songs" (Sheila Walsh's lullabies for princesses). The other day she came downstairs to tell me that "I forgot to sing my 'when I am afwaid' song last night" and when I put her to bed that evening, I heard her start to sing it to herself.

She is also beginning to show interest in spiritual things; celebrating Passover and Easter this year was more meaningful as she listened intently to the stories and asked questions. Even after the holidays past, she remembers and asks me questions like, "Where were the people when Jesus died? Where were the disciples? Where was Mommy and Daddy and Jael and Judah?" When I told her that some of the disciples were afraid and hiding when Jesus died, she went to check in her Bible story book to verify my accuracy. ;)

Being a big sister can be stressful sometimes, since little brother doesn't have a strong grasp on boundaries yet. Most interventions on her part involved physically dragging brother away, so we are working on asking for help when we need it. But she loves Judah and eagerly gives him hugs and kisses throughout the day, which he doesn't particularly appreciate.

Highlights from Facebook statuses:

Jael accidentally had a nap today and so she has been in bed wide awake for over an hour now, with a big stack of books and her flashlight. I'm not sure which I love more, her sweet little voice "reading" out loud to herself or the fact that my daughter would be so happily entertained by a pile of stories. ;) (February 8)

Jael doesn't like brushing her teeth, so Jeff gave her dire warnings about the consequences of not letting Daddy clean them. Now every night she asks me, "Mommy, are there holes in my teeth yet?" :P (And last night, "I'm going to bwush my tongue so it won't get any holes!") (March 19)

I told Jael and Judah to stay in the dining room and guard the food from the cats while I was making a smoothie in the kitchen. Came back to find two guilty munchkins stuffing their faces with popcorn and muffins. ;D (March 20)

Favorite moments from our seder tonight: Jael reciting "Why is this night different from all other nights?" without any help from me and then tasting the charoset and announcing, "It tastes like bricks!" :D  (March 25)

I have a love/frustration relationship with big sister dynamics. Stopping Jael from dragging Judah away from "danger" in a chokehold (!) - or listening to her scolding another toddler who blocked Judah from the slide at the playground, saying, "No, no, boy! You stop that! It's Judah's turn!" ;P (March 26)

Jael: "Mama, when Judah is a little bigger, I want to have another baby. And I will hold the baby. And kiss the baby. That's why I want one. And...and we will see if this baby will not hit me and push me and throw boots at me like Judah." :D hahaha.... (March 29)

So at church this weekend, Jael saw a baptism. Later that afternoon, she wanted to play with water, so I gave her some pans on the floor with measuring cups etc. Until Jeff and I heard a loud "MEOWW!!!!!!!!!!!", only to see her plunking her cat right into the tub of water and admonishing her, "Ginny, but you have to be baptized!" (April 1) 

My poor daughter must have the intense side of my personality. This afternoon Jael asked me something about heaven and after much clarification, I figured out that she was asking how long we would be there. I explained "forever" as best I could...and she broke down sobbing incoherently about how she wants to come back our house and our kitties because she LIKES it here! She felt much better when she asked if she could have a purple room in heaven and I told her I was quite sure she could. :)  (April 2)

While watching me make lunch, Jael commented seriously that "we eat food, not animals" - followed in a very somber tone with, "Why does God let some people eat the poor animals, Mommy?" The questions a 3-year-old comes up with! (April 6)

While getting ready for church this weekend, Jael informed me that "after you get ready, you need to get my dress on. And get Judah dressed. Daddy can put his own clothes on....but you should pick out some clothes so he knows what he should wear." ;D (April 8)

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