Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jael's 3rd Birthday
3 years old:
(apparently I never finished this and posted it... *sigh* )

Facebook glimpses into Jael's life:  
I was listening to Jael play with her dolls and heard her chattering, "And you get ready, and we get ready, so you get your stuff...cause it almost BWACK FWIDAY!" hahaha...takes after her daddy, that girl.
Thinking it's not a good sign when Judah starts wailing and I hear Jael shout, "I didn't pinch him!"
Cat: *long, extended, half-strangled meow* Jael: "What you saying meow for?" (*insert overly loving hug*) "I know you love me!"
Jael asked me why I was eating coconut yogurt this morning and I told her it was to make me fatter, because I'm too skinny. She burst out giggling, "YOU'RE NOT TOO SKINNY, Mama!" Haha...funny how kids think you're perfect.
Laughing at Jael who just came tiptoeing down the hall with her flashlight (birthday gift), carefully inspecting the hallway and calling, "Daddy! I heared a noise in my ROOM! Tum quickly!"   
Me: "Jael, go see if you can wake up Daddy for supper." Jael: "Okaaaaay." *pause* "I will twy! I will see if him doesn't wike it!"


  1. She's very cute!!!! I haven't seen picture of your kids in a long time. This is ()lana from HSA.

  2. Oh I am so charmed by your children! :) It was so nice to get to see you this last December. Wish it could be more often.
    Is coconut yogurt working for you? I need to find something too. I just cannot keep the weight on. =/ Doesn't help that I have no appetite these days.