Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jael | 3 y 9m

Jael is nearing the end of her 3rd year and excitedly looking forward to her next birthday, which is going to include pink, purple, and princesses. And, most likely, finally switching her carseat to forward facing. She's getting closer to the height limit and so it'll be a fun milestone!

We've continued to keep up some informal schooling off and on. It's hard to find time between Jeff and I both being in school, plus everything going on with our remodel and trying to get our property under control. Jael misses our free time, which makes me sad. The other day she talked to be about how "I don't think you did school at the old used to read and play lots with me and Judah" - and another time she asked me at the end of the day, "Why didn't you hold me more today, Mommy?" It makes me sad! I can't wait until graduation comes this fall/winter and our house stuff gets under control. I'm hoping to have more intentional time with the kids then. They haven't liked the adjustment of spending two days at Grandma's house and Jael has started getting teary and uncertain when I leave for meetings, so I've taken her along sometimes. (The other day I heard her playing with her duplos and making her little lady people "go to meetings"! ;) )

Jael is almost out of the thumb-sucking habit. We had it nearly overcome when she got sick with a bad cough, so that was a regression. Her princess bandaids on her thumb are working beautifully to help her get over that. We're going to get a special toy when she's all done thumb-sucking.

Jael is very thoughtful and likes to  ask questions. We read about forgiveness for worship one night and I was explaining how we all need to ask forgiveness and even Mommy and Daddy make bad choices sometimes. Jael seriously responded, "Last summer one time you were not very nice to Daddy. Did you tell him you were sorry?" She makes us laugh!

On the challenge front, temper tantrums have returned. I am wondering if my school, being gone more, and the emotional stress of all the change is making things worse. Little things (like Ginny running away or Mommy or Daddy saying "no" about something) tend to trigger huge emotional outbursts. I'm trying to help her process and calm down, but sometimes it's hard with a kicking, screaming child! Time will help, I know. :)

Our media consumption has increased with my schooling - and being so sick this month. We've started allowing one Mr. Rogers episode each week and one Christian kids episode (like Janice's Attic) on Sabbath and we're trying to stick with that, but Jael enjoys Caillou and Kipper as well when she is sick. She had a nasty bug last week and ended up on the couch throwing up the whole day, poor girl. 

Jael's favorite things to do right now are cuddle with Ginny, make picnics or tea parties with her toy food, color and draw, play with paper dolls or magnetic dolls, and play on the porch with Judah.

And apparently I haven't put much on Facebook during the last few months, but here's a couple highlights:

April 8: Yesterday in the car from Jael: "Mommy, if I was inside the toilet in all the water and I got flush-did down and all gone, would you be very very sad?" And when I laughed and told her she wouldn't fit in the toilet, she cheerfully revised her statement, "Judah would! Cause he is a little man. If Judah got flush-did down the toilet, would you be very very sad?"

April 26: Jael: "Mommy! Come quick! JUDAH PEED!!!! Judah peed TWO PEEPS on my floor!" Judah: *staring at the floor in astonishment*

June 4: Oh my children. Heard Judah yelling upstairs because Jael took his toy, she came and sat on the steps to pout, and then I heard her screaming, "JUDAH PEED ON ME!!!" And there was brother at the upstairs balcony (unintentionally) peeing over the side down onto his sister. I was laughing so hard...poor Jael didn't think I was very sympathetic to her plight. 

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