Monday, April 16, 2012

4 - 6 Months

Judah is fast becoming quite the grown-up little man. He continues to love activity and wants to be on the move. He is very vocal, too, especially when he gets up in the morning and likes to loudly consider his thoughts every morning from the bouncer while mama gets a shower. He's starting to protest sister's smothering adoration and dislikes her hair in his face, but she always makes him laugh her with play.

He is rolling back and forth easily now and makes his way around the bed at worshiptime every night while we read. Mama thinks he is army-crawling a little bit, but Daddy says he's not actually moving yet. He can sit if we balance him for a few seconds, but not quite on his own yet.

This weekend he popped his first tooth on the bottom right as he turned 6 months. We haven't started solids yet, though, since he isn't sitting alone. And because Mama hasn't felt like dealing with the hassle of it all. ;) Probably once we move, we'll start trying a few things.

He also starting grabbing things around 4-5 months and by now, is reaching for everything in sight. He's been more aggressive about this than his sister was and everything quickly goes in the mouth. I have a feeling he is going to take off faster with solids for this reason.

Everyone comments on what a happy baby he is. He loves to smile at anyone who will give him a smile and enjoys Sabbath School quite thoroughly each week. Teething has made him fussier the last few weeks, but overall he is still quite cheerful and we all love him to pieces.

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