Saturday, June 30, 2012

6-8 Months

Judah is 8 1/2 months, so I need to finish this post already. ;) Highlights from these two months:

*Starting solids at 6 1/2 months. Judah was fairly pleased with his banana (we're trying baby led weaning), but still hasn't taken off much at 8 1/2 months. He'll play a bit and chew on stuff, but Mama is definitely still his main source of nutrition.

*Judah sat up right around 6 months exactly and between 7-8 months has started trying to pull himself up on things, but still hasn't figured out crawling. He'll flop down on his tummy and scoot backwards, but no crawling yet. He adores his bouncer, though, and  will jump in it for awhile when Mama is busy in the kitchen.

*Around 8 months, stranger danger seems to be picking up and Judah has a strong preference for Mama and great suspicion for everyone else. He can be quite the dramatic, emotional fellow when he feels he is being abandoned. ;) But he's usually good with Daddy and getting used to Grandma, as she is helping babysit every week to give Mama a break for school.

*Judah is learning the ways of the household - aka, beware sister. He fusses if he sees her coming when he has toys in his lap and if she takes one, he knows what to do. Roar with protest! He is quite indignant when his personal property boundaries are crossed. We are working on teaching sister not to grab. :D

*Judah is still sleeping with Mama and Daddy, but takes naps alone on the bed after he is nursed to sleep. We side-carred his mattress by ours so he can slowly adjust to that one right now. He takes after his sister and is not the fuss-to-sleep sort of baby who can be laid down in his crib. Hopefully he will also be sleeping better through the night by 10-12 months like sister, too!

*Teething has been much rougher for my poor guy than for sister. I barely noticed Jael teething. Judah is cranky, drooling, and feverish. He's had four incisors coming in at once this week, but the top two have popped through.

*Nicknames for Judah recently include da man, man-man, little man, man-boy, Judah-boy, and buddy (Jael's favorite; she likes to say "poow [poor] buddy" when he cries. ;)

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