Monday, February 27, 2012

1-4 Months

Judah Rockwell arrived on October 13 at 1:37 AM after about an hour and a half of intense labor, at 38 weeks. He was 6lb 3oz, 18.5", and 13.5 head circumference. Slightly bigger than his sister, but still a little man!

First month: Judah spent his first two weeks sleeping, much to my amazement, especially considering he would sleep in his swing or bouncer. He had a rather busy first month, as we moved up north of Spokane a week after he was born. He latched on with nursing immediately after he was born and the only difficulty we had during the first month was oversupply and overactive let-down. A little bit of colic did seem to set in at 2 weeks, but not like sister.

Second month: The hardest part of months two and three were the nightly screaming. Poor Judah screamed every night for about an hour without stopping. We rocked and sang (he refused to nurse, unlike his sister) and he would eventually fall asleep. Fortunately, although he woke up every two hours to nurse, he went right back to sleep. No screaming at night. Jael began to be more involved with Judah this month, as he just started to smile.

Third month: The nightly screaming died down sometime this month. Smiling began. Judah is a happy smiler and gets huge grins whenever he gets up in the morning or is picked up when naptime is over. He also grins at his sister. He's a fast nurser and prefer action to cuddling. He wants to be hauled around and watch what's going on, but he does sit in the bouncer and watch while Mama and sister do stuff sometimes. Judah also rolled over for the first time on February 10 at 3 months/3 weeks.

Fourth month: This month Judah started laughing a lot more. Whenever we swing him up in the air or when sister does funny things, he starts laughing and everyone else has to join in. He hates tummy time slightly less, but still prefers being held. He discovered his fists this month and chews on them non-stop. He's a real drool machine and soaks his clothes and everything else near him. He makes a funny pose like he's boxing sometimes, which we call the Rocky pose. ;)

Jael and Judah are beginning to get along beautifully. They have occasional fights (aka, Jael getting upset and telling Judah to "stop it" when he accidentally kicks her or won't stop babbling loudly). But most of the time Jael keeps an eye out for her brother. If he wakes up at naptime, she charges upstairs to his room saying, "IT OTAY, JUDAH! IT OTAY!" She gives him lots of hugs and kisses, probably more than he appreciates, and he adores watching her play. If I take him to her room and let him stand and watch her with duplos, he'll often shriek with excitement. :)

We also started cloth diapering again in January and Judah is doing quite well in cloth, once we got past some initial rash issues. Co-sleeping is also going well (Judah has co-slept since month one like sister did starting around five or six months, lol - my sleep is amazing!) and he nurses every 3 or so hours at night most of the time. Loving these baby cuddles since I know they won't last long. Judah's first few months have flown by compared to Jael's, but my experience with him has definitely confirmed that my suspicions that I was dealing with postpartum depression last time. I am still amazed sometimes at how easy this is and a third doesn't sound unheard of anymore. ;) Someday...


  1. He's adorable, my nephew born last year is named Judah. So cute. Fast labor! And you got a boy and a girl, just like us...sorry you've had some trials, you are a brave strong mother! I love the "j" theme...

  2. You have beautiful children. Thanks for sharing so much of the early months and your children's relationship with each other. It's wonderful to read!