Monday, February 27, 2012

22 - 27 months

In the past few months, Jael has made a real transition from my baby girl to a grown-up big sister. She's taken off developmentally, but being a sister to Judah has made her seem even older. It was a sad transition for me, feeling like I've lost my baby, but so much fun to watch her grow and learn.

Last summer and fall living at our Indian Trails rental will always remind me our special last few months with Jael as our only little one. We had so much fun taking walks to the park, playing at the splash pad, going to pick fruits and veggies at Greenbluff, and an apple orchard tour two days before brother arrived. Now it seem so long ago!

Jael has gone from using a few words at a time to carrying on conversations with me in long sentences. Lately she wants to know what is going on and every time I get off the phone, she asks, "What you say to Daddy [Grandma/Grandma/Kendall/whoever I called]? What Daddy say to YOU?" She is also bursting with creativity and plays a great deal on her own. Her duplo people have adventures in her room and she loves to carry her dolls around the house with her hat, boots, and purse around her neck, taking them shopping or to her toy kitchen to buy food.

She also likes to "sing" and remembers songs she wants me to sing for her at bedtime. She has an excellent memory, especially when it comes to remembering something I promised I would do with her. Right now, it's all about summertime. ("When it summertime, we make pots outside [gardening]!" or "When it summertime, the snow will be ALL GONE and we will have a PICNIC!")

Although we have to step in and protect Judah from his sister's enthusiasm sometimes, they love each other so much. Judah gets incredibly excited watching his sister play and she starts shouting, "Judah LAUGH! Judah LAUGHING!" She likes to give him hugs and kisses and is a good helper when i need a diaper or wipes or something for him.

2 years, 5 months!

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