Wednesday, July 20, 2011

22 Months

I missed a month of Jael's journal and now it's only two months until her second birthday! It's been a busy summer, but Jeff just started his new job, so we won't be going anywhere for awhile.

Jael is growing quickly and hit 23lb this past month. Her current accomplishment is potty training! We've only taken it seriously for about a week now, but she has caught on very quickly without too many accidents. It's been a little too easy to be true, though I know girls are often faster. She loves her sticker chart and yells "Titi!" (sticker) whenever she goes potty in her potty chair.

Her vocabulary has taken off and she mimics new words all the time. It can be hard to follow what she is saying, especially since she often leaves the last consonant off of her words. She started saying her own name recently and likes to say that instead of "me" like she used to. (It sounds more like "Dow" than "Jael")

She also likes to play by herself a lot more. Her imagination is growing and she plays kitchen or baby quite a bit. Right now she has hauled a pot of dirt into the kitchen and is sitting on a cushion while she scoops it from one container to another. Moving things is one of her favorite activities. We set up her little pool in the yard and she doesn't want to get in it, but she loves scooping up the water!

She's typically a very cheerful girl. Sometimes she takes trials rather intensely, but bounces back quickly. Right now we are working on learning to obey quickly, especially when it comes to staying out of mama's make-up drawer in the bathroom. ;)

Jael continues to be very excited about baby brother and likes to lay her head on my tummy and say, "Hi, baby!" We're looking forward to October when she gets to meet him for the first time.

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