Sunday, May 22, 2011

20 Months

Toddler communication never ceases to make me laugh. Jael's latest phrase is "beep! beep!". This generally means, "Help, something is in my way!" or "Let me through!" If she rams her puppy rolling "car" into the wall, I will soon hear a desperate "Beep! Beep!".

Her vocabulary is growing rapidly, but half of the time, I can't really understand what she is getting at. "Bee" is her current word for any bug or object that might possibly resemble a bug, whether a leaf, piece of lint on the carpet, a string hanging off clothing, or...Daddy's chest hairs! :D

We recently decided to cut back on TV, since she'd been watching about 20 minutes every other day of Kipper or "Lady and the Tramp". She's started coming and asking me all the time for "'ello! ello!" ("Lady and the Tramp") or "'Pper! 'Pper!" (Kipper), so we're going to focus on other ways to spend her time. Fortunately, she loves to read books.

She loves our new house, particularly the backyard, and the move didn't phase her much. It took a couple nights to adjust to sleeping in a new room, but that was about it. Except for the tub incident, in which Daddy turned on the jets and terrified her! (I tried to cheer her up by asking if she'd had a fun time in the new tub and she said, "No no no!")

Lastly, she continues to be very excited about the baby and it's going to be fun when she will be able to feel baby, who is starting to kick now at 17 weeks. She's going to love being a big sister. :)

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