Saturday, March 5, 2011

18 Months

My intentions of keeping up with this blog started out well, but haven't continued. :P I missed Jael's seventeen month post and she's almost eighteen months now.

This past week Jael has suddenly started copying our vocabulary a lot more. I knew she is understanding a lot of what we are saying, because when I ask her to point to things in books, she recognizes a lot. But now she is trying to say them, too. The hardest part is the consonants at the end of the words! ;)

Lately we have:
More = "mo"
Ball = "baa"
Snap (on her clothes) = "snaa"

And so on. We've been working on potty training a little bit as well. She isn't quite ready yet, but we keep the potty chair out whenever she has "naked time" and run her to the potty if it looks like she needs to go. She likes to say "pee pee" and point to her potty. This morning she sat there very seriously and then looked at Jeff, pointed to the regular toilet, and said solemnly "Dada." (Daddy's) lol.

We're continuing to enjoy storytime at the library every week and Jael and her fellow babies will be featured on the local news soon to highlight early education. She loves the bouncing rhymes and seeing all the other little ones.

Other than that, we have a few more teeth, a lot more safety features in the house, and a lot of longing for springtime. :)

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