Friday, February 4, 2011

16 Months

Actually, Jael is getting closer to 17 months. Hard to believe! Her vocabulary hasn't grown a lot lately, but her sounds have. She's been saying "blech" for a couple weeks now, in response to anything yucky. Auntie Brenna taught her to "whistle" (sort of a whistling, blowing sound) and she also claps her hands whenever anyone says "yay".

Right now, the most exciting activity is when Daddy pushes the couches together so she can play on the soft area that creates. She has also started loving her baby doll a little bit more and carries her around, giving her kisses. Daddy taught her to give kisses and she always give him a smacking kiss on the cheek when he leaves for work in the morning. It's very exiting to wave goodbye out the window as he leaves!

Mama and Jael have been quite cooped up this month, with the cold weather. Mama is very ready for a bigger house! We run out of activities to keep us occupied, but Jael loves her library storytime once per week and we are hoping to start swimming playtime/"lessons" at the YMCA soon.

This week Jael's great-grandma (on Jeff's side) passed away. Jael won't remember her, but we are glad she got to see GG a few times and will have pictures to look back on someday.

Speaking of pictures, Jael's one year photobook arrived in the mail recently and she is content to sit and look at it with Mama for hours, carefully pointing out each family member. ("Bapa! Mama! Dada! Nenna! Lala!") If Mama didn't limit the time, she would look at it several times everyday. :)

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