Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Daughter

My daughter takes after her daddy with one significant character trait: stubbornness!

Yesterday, she was standing by the pantry door and leaned sideways, banging her head against it. Jeff told her, "Careful, Jael! You're going to get an owie." She looked at him pointedly and immediately started banging her head against the door over and over.

This morning she was spinning in circles on the kitchen floor and started getting dizzy. When she almost tipped over, Jeff caught her and told her, "You're going to fall!" She burst into giggles and kept spinning round and round, even though she fell down several times.

She also isn't deterred by nasty flavors. Despite multiple warnings from me, she has been chipping pieces of wax off the windowsill where we had our menorah for Hanukkah and eating it. She makes awful faces, but keeps going after it!

Her other yucky favorite is shampoo. I don't know why, but she loves to suck on the shampoo bottles. Fortunately, I use all-natural shampoo that isn't toxic, but I've saved her from a bitter gulp of shampoo many times! Even when she gets a lick of it from the lid, she doesn't seem very bothered. :P

It does make me wonder about her tastebuds sometimes! ;)

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