Monday, April 4, 2011

19 Months

It's not actually quite 19 months yet, but close enough for an update. :) This month Jael has begun her journey into big sisterhood. Mama is only 11 weeks along, but Jael seems to somewhat understand the idea that there is a baby in Mama's tummy. (If you ask her where baby is, she will point to my stomach) We're reading books about babies and judging from Jael's love of every baby she sees, I think she's going to love being a big sister.

It's been a difficult month for both of us and we probably have at least one more difficult month to go. It's hard to understand why Mama has to lay on the couch all the time and we've had a lot of tears and whining these past few weeks. Mama hates to see Jael wandering around alone and can't wait until she's feeling a little more normal.

Jael used her first phrase this past week ("Book read!") and has graduated to sucking her thumb with a fist instead of an open hand.

And her biggest new step during her 18th month was weaning. She made this decision herself quite quickly and made it quite clear she was finished. Mama was a little sad, but knew this would probably happen at some point during pregnancy.

Due to Mama's sickness, we haven't had a chance to get any recent pictures of Jael except for her Facebook baby announcement picture:

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  1. Congratulations!!! I know it is really hard to be pregnant and have a little one. But they will love each other so much!!! I hope you feel better soon! Especially now that it is spring.