Thursday, January 24, 2013

Judah | 12 - 15 Months

Life at Lowe's with sister (December 2012)
Judah hasn't had his 15 month appointment yet, so I'm not sure how his weight has changed, but he remains a little peanut and fits best into his 9 month clothes despite his 15 months of age. ;) He's very mobile, though, and has developed a lot of climbing abilities since his first birthday. His favorite climbing trick at the moment is to get up on chairs in the dining room and bang around the dishes I have set on the table or play with leftovers.

He's also developed a love of books in the past few months. At first, he would only sit still for a few pages, but now he likes to pull out books on his own and sits poring over the pages. He will also get his favorites (Curious George, our Spanish vocabulary books, Elise Wilkins prayer book) and bring them to me with a questioning, "Eh? Eh? Eh?" until I take the book. Then he shrieks excitedly and waves his arms up and down in anticipation of the story. He loves to sit on my lap and make animal sounds for all the animals in the book.

Similarly, this is his automatic response when I ask him if he wants nursies lately. He gets extremely excited and waves his arms up and down. Unlike his sister, he has not been dropping any feedings like I anticipated and still nurses every 1-2 hours during the day if we are home, albeit for only a few minutes at a time. He's a very cuddly boy (loves to give hugs, too, and throws his arms around my neck and even pats my back).

The other central feature of his life right now is his difficulty sleeping. He wakes up anywhere from every 30 minutes to 2 hours all night long. Usually he ends up in bed  with us after midnight sometime and sleeps slightly longer stretches. CIO has not been effective with him (I'm not comfortable pushing it to an extreme) and neither has much of anything else. Our newest attempt is a PNP instead of the crib, since he seems to bang his head on the sides of the crib frequently in his sleep.

He is continuing to do great with solids and feeding himself. His favorite foods are fruits and pasta. Other favorite parts of life include the kitties, Daddy coming home from work, Jael and her antics, books, and most of all, nursies. ;)

Judah is also exploring naughty behavior and how to appropriately draw boundaries. He has refined his yelling skills when sister crosses his boundaries (takes a toy, won't give him space, too many hugs, etc). But he also has started hitting her, both in self-defense and in the delight of watching her yell and run away from him. ;) Modeling better approaches is a work in progress.

He is very dramatic and finds the funniest things to be upset about. I will hear him crying, go to check on him, and discover him attempting to yank his baby monitor off the cord or trying to lift a dumbbell of the ground. He has a hilarious, dramatic crying pose that involves standing and nearly bending halfway over with heart-wrenching sobs - poor little guy!

His words are still limited to mama, dada, up up, and some animal sounds, but he just introduced please ("pssss") with the signing motion as well and gets a huge grin on his face when we ask him, "What do you say?"

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