Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Judah: 10-12 Months

10 months, 4 weeks: Right before he turned 11 months, Judah decided to take his first step. Toward a toothbrush. He loves "brushing" his teeth!

11 months: It only took about a week and he is quite proud of his ability and taking 4-5 steps to get around the room. My favorite part is Jael's excited shouting, "JUDAH WALKING! JUDAH WALKING!", which excites him so much he starts shrieking and wobbling and topples down on his (big cloth-diapered) bum.

11 months, 1 week: Judah said his first word - "cat"! It took us a few times to realize what he was saying, but he clearly associates it with the kitties. He's been saying da-da-da for awhile, but doesn't seem to quite associate it with Daddy yet.

11 months, 2 weeks: Judah has started climbing. Which is dangerous. He scared me today by somehow cutting his upper gum (with a toothbrush?) and gushing blood everywhere, but he recovered quickly. He also developed a tricky new plan to get Mama to hold him - falling over on purpose. He sits there on his bottom watching me carefully and rocking backwards a little and then more and then more and then falling just enough to fall over and bang his head, roaring for me to come save him. Silly boy.

He is also starting to mimic a lot. We were at Grandma and Grandpa's house last week and he watched everyone fold their hands for prayer and did it himself, which was adorable. He also copies other little things, like trying to put clothes in a drawer after he saw me do. It's fun to see his little brain starting to work and identify that sort of thing.

12 months: Right about a year, Judah will now say "cat" (or "k-k-k-k"), Da-da, bye, and hi. No mama yet. ;) 

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