Saturday, December 11, 2010

15 months!

I haven't kept up with blogging this week, but I need an update for Jael's Journal. I am a very bad baby-book-recorder, so this is replacing the randomly scribbled notes I manage every couple of months in it.

Jael is 15 months today! Life definitely has its ups and downs at this age, as you can see from the pictures. Joy and sorrow in a matter of seconds!

This week we finished her second Hanukkah, which she found most exciting (mainly the new Hanukkah board books and helping light the candles). She had her first latkes and enjoyed one very small mini doughnut without frosting. We opened her Hanukkah present on the last night, which was also most exciting.

Other firsts in the past couple weeks include picking her nose (I know, I know; where did she learn?), answering the phone with a loud "ello, ello"!, climbing up on the ottoman, using a spoon, and learning Auntie Brenna's name ("Nenna"). Her new favorite board book is the one with Spanish words for her body and she loves to point to her ears - oreja. :) She has patiently endured much Christmas shopping with Mama and is ready to enjoy the holiday season without any more trips to the mall!

Jael also survived Journey to Bethlehem, our church's live nativity. She was Jewish baby in Bethlehem and shivered in the cold weather with Mama in a little hut. Once her fingers got too cold, we retreated to the babysitting room and Daddy continued his post as a praying Pharisee.

Her second Christmas is on its way and judging from how much she likes ripping open her Hanukkah gift, I think Christmas morning will be quite the adventure!

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