Saturday, April 25, 2015

Judah | January - April 2015

The past few months have had a lot of transition for Judah! He went from being the little baby man to being a big brother and it's been tough. He loves his little brother, but cries a lot more easily now (with some wailing episodes whenever he wakes up from his nap) and is missing the affection and Mommy time since my arms are full with baby all the time. I'm hoping that he will adjust as Liev gets older and I have more time for both of them.

Judah has been learning a lot in school this year. We aren't doing anything formal, so he listens in on Jael's social studies and science. He knows his colors, numbers, a lot of shapes, and a good portion of his letters. He sits very well through school time and loves our search and find books at the end. He enjoys reading stories with Daddy every night before bed as well and loves to help Mommy in the kitchen to make food, when she has time.

Judah's favorite past time is to play with his sister. The two of them spend hours playing with their Disney figures and Duplos. They play act all kinds of stories with funny little voices and Jael often tries to convince Judah to go outside with her, but he's usually reticent and prefers the house. He does enjoy digging in the dirt when it's warm out.

Judah continues to be very verbal and articulate. He is a little philosopher and ponders the details of life. He notices every thing and likes to think about abstract ideas (see below quotes). He feels joy and loss very passionately and this can lead to some explosive conflict with his sister, but they tend to make up quickly. Fighting has definitely become an everyday part of life, but we're working on learning to solve things and express ourselves kindly.

So far he doesn't pay much attention to his little brother other than a kiss goodnight, but he is sure to let me know when Liev is crying or kicking or needs nursies. <3

Oh. And Judah is always, always hungry.

Misc quotes:
January 7:
Judah, picking at his food: "I don't like this s'ketti. I like the real s'ketti."
Me: "But Judah, these [rotini] are easier to eat. See, you just pick them up with your fork. Not so messy!"
Judah, with a sigh: "But Mommy, the real s'ketti is good. You just sloop it into your mouth! I like that."

January 13:
A little too much theology at breakfast and my brain hurts. ;) "Only God knows when we will die, right? Do angels die? If all the people on the earth died, would angels live here? If an angel's wing got cut off, would God heal it? Are there angels in our house?" Etc etc.

January 15:
I turned off the radio today after rolling my eyes at Mark Gungor and his relationship "expertise". (Quote of the day: "Women adore tilling the garden of their relationship, sowing it, watering it, watching it flourish. Men don't like working on their relationships. It's just how they are.") Jael asked why I turned it off and I told her I didn't want to listen to that guy talking. She wanted to know why. "Well, he doesn't say smart things!" Jael nodded and repeated wisely to Judah: "That guy is not bad, but he does not know what he is saying and they aren't good things." haha.

January 18:
Judah: "When I am grown up, I will NOT be sca'wed of haiwcuts and and I will watch ads on TV!" In case you can't tell, today included a haircut and a football game, lol.

February 1:
Judah, furrowing his brow and getting ready to roll the dice for his board game: "Big. Money. BIIIIIIIG MONEY!"
Somebody's been playing games with Daddy lately.  :P

February 23:
We're getting bored waiting for baby to arrive, so we baked a birthday cake for his birth day. Judah looked at the pretty blue chocolate cake on the kitchen counter and sobbed agonizingly, "This baby is taking HOURS to come, Mommy!"
Don't I know it!  :P

April 2:
Car rides with my kids.
Jael: "Why are you going slow? That sign says 30!"
Judah: "Can I have a larry-pop at Twader Joe's? Larry-pops are galicious!"
Jael: "Mommy, Judah says heaven is boring. But he doesn't know because HE'S NEVER BEEN THERE!"
Judah: "Is God as big as the world? Or as big as....a tree?"
Liev: *stares wide eyed at his siblings*

April 14:
Judah is becoming wise in the ways of baby care. This morning he watched me eating breakfast and said seriously, "You should nurse Liev after you eat. And you should eat quickly. Because I see him kicking his legs and that means he is getting cranky!"

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