Saturday, September 22, 2012

Judah: 9-10 months

(This is a bit belated as Judah is now 11 months, but here it is nonetheless)

9 months: Right as he turned 9 months, Judah started his first "talking". Currently this consists of "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba". However, he also says "k-k-k-k-k-k-k" excitedly when he sees the kittens, which I interpret as "kitty". Jeff is not so convinced. ;) And it continually makes me laugh to see how Judah converses, thoughtfully telling me, "Ba-ba-ba-ba" and then leans way back to see if I will respond with the same.

9.5 months: Judah is consciously hearing when we tell him, "Say ba-ba-ba!" and he repeats it back to us excitedly. He also took off with pulling himself up onto everything he can get near and occasionally leans back and balances for a second or so on his own before plopping down on his nice big cloth diaper. He has not enjoyed our trip to Portland very much, but was delighted with the "lights" section of the children's museum and taking a walk to the park.

10 months: Judah started pulling himself up last month occasionally, but this month he took off with it and a couple days later decided he could stand on his own. Now he's trying that all the time, quite proudly!

10.5 months: Judah has now waved a couple of times in response to others and figured out how to clap his hands, which he is quite proud of. His absolute favorite activity in the world is pushing Jael's green car toy back and forth across the food. If he gets to do it naked, this is a plus, and I always cracked up laughing as he happily pushes with one hand and waddles across the room, scratching his little baby butt with his free hand. Cutest.thing.ever.

Baby-led weaning took off right between 9.5 - 10 months. I was beginning to feel uncertain about it when suddenly he decided he loved food and he wants to eat almost everything we are! Bread, oranges, spaghetti, soups, smoothies, yogurt. If the food is liquid/smooth, I put it on a spoon and hand him the spoon. He loves to hold it and put it in his mouth. 

I am nursing him on demand more than I did Jael at this age and am happy with that. I was trying to keep her on a eat-wake-sleep schedule and with him, he follows his nap routine and nurses whenever he wants. I'm a little sad that this seems to result in a higher supply for me and now wish I had realized this with Jael, but can't change it now. He is napping twice a day usually, sometimes with a late cat nap in the evening.

Judah is a very happy baby despite his night sleep troubles. He smiles at everyone joyfully and loves giggling with his sister. Laughing at the cats together is one of their favorite pastimes (our teenage cats are crazy and tear around the room in circles chasing each other). They also like to play on the back porch together. Judah crawls around and shuts the door on Jael if she tries to climb in the "oven", so she tells me, "Judah is cooking me!!!" ;) 

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