Monday, November 15, 2010


Jael's past couple of weeks have been rather exciting, but probably a bit too overwhelming! Our trip to the South was the furthest she's been from home and the longest she has been away from Daddy. She is a little trooper, though, and travels amazingly well. She slept through most of the flights, slept through much of the driving, and was very cheerful until our last day.

Some highlights of the trip for Jael included:

*Running around the airport as fast as she could in her PJs while we waited for our next flight, poking people's luggage, and smiling sweetly at all the passersby. I had five or six people ask how old she was, several mention how cute she was, and I heard one lady on the phone as we passed, saying to whoever she was talking to, "Oh, you wouldn't believe it! There's this adorable little princess running past me and she keeps laughing and waving at me!"

*Suffering her first real "owie". Mom took her along to the drinking fountain and she stuck her hand between the metal holes in a vent. But when her hand came out, it scraped the skin right off her fingers and she was bleeding all over the place. We found some bandaids at a airport shop and Jael spent the next couple hours trying to pull them off.

*Sitting next to Rosa Parks (statue), walking the Edmund Pettus Bridge with Mama, and meeting a pastor who worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in Montgomery, AL. Maybe someday this will be as exciting to her as it was to me. :)

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