Friday, November 19, 2010


Jael has suddenly observed a new phenomenon - music! During playtime at the library last week, I noticed she had stopped her play and was listening intently to the music in the background. She suddenly started leaning her head from side to side and swaying in time with the music. I almost burst out laughing...she's never done that before! Since then, she realized it is an accomplishment, so if she hears music at home, she starts tilting her head back and forth and looks to see if I notice.

Animal noises are another new skill. I taught her clip-clop for horses (clicking her tongue) and Jeff taught her "ooh ooh, ah ah!" for monkeys. The other day I also made a connection: when I read certain books to her, I noticed she would hit the side of her head and pat her ear. At first I thought maybe she was getting an earache, but she kept doing it off and on. I finally figured it out when I looked at the page of her board book. There is a monkey with both his hands on his head and she was trying to copy him!

Her other favorite activities right now are standing on the Wii Fit board, climbing through box "tunnels", brushing her teeth, pushing the baby stroller into walls and squealing, running to the kitchen if she hears any word related to food ("supper", "lunch", "food" "eat"), and watching animal videos on YouTube with Daddy. And reading stories, of course. Especially stories with monkeys.


  1. Look at those curls! :) She is precious. I love this stage where they are discovering so many things.

  2. So do I! :) There's so many new things everyday. It makes me look at the world a little differently, even!