Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Our tree is up and snow is falling everywhere! We've had snow almost everyday since Thanksgiving and Jael has had her first snow adventures. She wasn't impressed by the cold, but she eventually decided that sledding with Daddy was fun, as was watching him build a snowman (which she points at out the window at every meal from her high chair and says "Wazzat? Wazzat?"

The Christmas tree is a point of temptation that we are working on - "Don't touch the ornaments!" - but fortunately, she hasn't made the connection between the boxes under the tree and the fact that there are presents inside. ;P Hanukkah is coming in a few days as well and we already have our menorah in the window.

Jael's newest developments include stacking cans or blocks, saying "ello! ello!" into the telephone, yelling for "dada" to come, and adding a few new animals to her sound repertoire (snake, goat, etc). She also decided to copy Louis (Uncle Brandon's cat) and likes to sit in small boxes, as if they are boats.

And a new era has arrived for Mama and Daddy as well - spelling words! Jael is starting to understand quite a bit and so when it comes to "supper", "eat", "food", "lunch", and "breakfast" or "sleep" and "nap", using our secret code of spelling is necessary.

For example, yesterday Auntie Brenna was visiting to help Daddy with the business and when she noticed Jael pulling supplies out of the closet, she told me, "Somebody better shut that closet door!" Jael promptly stood up and started shoving the door shut herself!

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